Terms and Conditions

0% Financing

Lotus Designs LLC shall have the right, at its sole discretion, to offer or accept the offer of the client to finance the website. Lotus Designs LLC will not get any additional financial profit other than the service fee from the client while financing the website for up to 12 (twelve) months starting from the date of financing. The duration of financing can be chosen by the client. Lotus Designs LLC does not require or request any credit check in order to determine clients whose website(s) shall be financed, provided that in each case, Lotus Designs LLC might, at its sole discretion, require such check if the client is known to be inappropriate for the purposes of services offered by Lotus Designs LLC. After the financing period is started, which is no more that 12 (twelve) months, the client will be obliged to start to pay the service fee each month equally (starting from the first month and counted according to the service fee and the duration of months), which will be agreed in advance, upon concluding the agreement between Lotus Designs LLC and the client and the service fee will not be changed throughout the current relationship unless otherwise agreed between the parties in written. In order to get the website financing from Lotus Designs LLC, the client is required to have website hosting with Lotus Designs LLC and the client irrevocably agrees that Lotus Designs LLC will have full rights to own, control or otherwise manage (including the right of terminating financing) the website during the time it is financed. If the client fails to make the payments in a due time and manner determined in the agreement between the parties, the client will pay Lotus Designs LLC for the breach of service fee payment obligation a fine in the amount of 5 (five) per cent of the service fee by the moment of breach which will be counted and shall be paid together with the due payment of the following month. If the client fails to pay the full service fee for 30 (thirty) days, Lotus Designs LLC has the right to take the website offline and the client waves all rights to claim or otherwise complain about it and request returning of the website unless the full payment is made and in the case of which, Lotus Designs LLC has the sole discretion of making such decision, without any participation of the client. If such circumstances develop, the client will additionally be charged with the processing fee for these actions.